Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hey, DNR, kiss my ass!

Ranger Bob over at the Retread Ranger Station has shared a story of a camper who pulled down his pants and asked an Indiana Conservation Officer to kiss his ass.

Charges filed in an alleged mooning case (South Bend Tribune)
In the top 10 list of things one shouldn't do to an Indiana Conservation Officer, flagrantly exposing your buttocks to one probably ranks right up there. Also, inviting said officer to smooch those buttocks is likely on the no-no list. Yet, those alleged offenses are what landed one Plymouth man in jail Labor Day weekend, after allegedly drinking enough to cause him to become a bit cheeky when an officer visited his campsite near Gilbert Lake.
The man then reportedly again exposed his hindquarters and shouted what Salb wrote were "the sweet words sure to perk up the ears of every conservation officer." In other words, Dowdle reported, the man yelled, "Hey, DNR, kiss my (expletive)." That was enough for Dowdle, who headed back around the lake to speak with the man again. This time, his words were succinct and to the point. "You don't even have to stand up," he was quoted as saying to the man. "Just put your hands behind your back."
After his arrest, the man was taken to the Marshall County Jail, where he was booked on charges of public nudity and public intoxication.
This has to be a Rhadamanthine Citation if I have ever seen one.

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